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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  February 1, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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♪ a new development in a missing child case that triggered an amber alert. >> san francisco deputies say they have found a small child's body in the canal about 30 miles south of where divers pulled out a car last friday. deputies say the child's physical description and clothing match that of a missing four-year-old boy who was kidnapped. the silver toyota corolla was driven by the man accused of kidnapping the four-year-old from patterson two weeks ago.
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josé rodriguez grabbed his ex-girlfriend's son from the child's grandmother's arms on january 18th. officials have not said it was his body but we should know more at noon. we'll bring you more as soon as we get it both on air and on >> another major story, the college dreams of 100 oakland high school seniors may have been dashed. we just got news that the college entrance exam scores were lost through no fault of their own. abc 7's amy holyfield is live at oakland high school. what happened and what now? >> they were lost in the mail, kristen. now it's time to plead their cases to the colleges. they can retake the tests in a couple weeks, submit those scores which will be late and hope that the colleges understand. >> i feel really disappointed. i put a lot of effort and work into it. my family paid for my tutorers
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so i can get all the studying i can. >> jackie was opening to get into u.c. davis this fall. he spent $5,000 in tutors for act tests. act says he can take the february test for free but getting into college this fall doesn't look too promising. >> u.c. santa barbara said they're not going to take scores for february 12th. all the other colleges are saying we'll think about it. >> he's one of 100 oakland students whose tests got lost in the mail. >> it's like oh, now i'll never know. another four hours on a saturday, that's pretty sad. >> acceptance letters from college go out in march for the february scores probably won't make it in time as an act p spokesman released a statement saying if any affected students are facing college admission deadlines that cannot be met
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because of this problem, they are urged to contact the colleges and inform them of the situation. the students may provide the college a copy of the letter they received from act regarding the need for the retest. the principal at oakland high school says her staff plans to advocate on behalf of the students to the colleges. >> make sure that the universities understand that through no fault of ours, through no fault of the students did they have have missing exams right now. >> an act p spokesperson tells us it is rare but sometimes scores do get lost in the mail and in their experience they find that colleges are pretty understanding. live in oakland, amy holyfield, abc 7 news. >> some students and staff at hoover elementary school in palo alto are now taking antibiotics as a precaution. health officials are trying to determine if their teacher died from a deadly bacterial infection. george flap said he was coming
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down with a cold on friday. he died on sunday. tests are being done to determine the exact cause of death but officials are concerned with meningococcal disease. they are warning about the disease and risk of infection. students and parents are shocked because of the sudden loss. >> it seems like it's fate and you can't believe it. kind of hard to live with kind of. his passing. >> shock. >> nobody anticipated this at all. he wasn't ill that you would have been worried about his health. >> health officials say the disease is most often spread through very close contact and they say there was a high risk of spreading it to any student. students should take antibiotics just to make sure. >> san jose city council is meeting in a closed session to possibly vote on san jose's new police chief. the city manager is recommending that acting chief chris moore be
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given the permanent job. if the council votes to approve him he may be introduced publicly this afternoon. a coalition minority group has voiced their opposition to moore. they call him a department insider and say they need somebody from the outside to common what they call a culture of racial profiling and excessive force by officers. meanwhile the other finalists for the san jose chief's job, oakland chief anthony batts, says his decision whether to stay in oakland will come this week. last thursday after learning he didn't get the san jose job, he said his future in oakland was still uncertain. >> other news today, san franciscans who rely on the yellow pages to look up information will only get those books if they ask for them under a new proposal. it's way to get tons of phone books out of landfills and save tons of money. terry mcsweeney joins us. >> san francisco may be on the verge of going so green it cuts back on the yellow, pages that
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is. that would in fact impact businesses here on brian street. they advertise heavily in the yellow pages. supervisor david chew says you can save a ton of money if you just make the yellow pages available only upon request. the yearly distribution of yellow pages is a tradition that needs to stop says the president of the board of supervisors david chew. he says it costs the city $65 million to dispose of and recycle those votes which fewer and fewer people are using in this age of the internet. if someone wants the yellow pages, have them order one. >> who really wants to call and ask for them. not many people. because they're so thick. >> the company that advertises heavily in the yellow pages, the new way of districting yellow pages could change everything. >> i know they stopped because unfortunately over the years it's hard to break some habits. but i wish it was a little -- a lot smaller. i would use their internet
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yellow pages. >> chew's proposal includes a $500 fine for every phone book delivered that wasn't requested. that would be bad for business says yellow pages vice president amy healey. >> it really chokes off a major advertising mechanism for small businesses in san francisco. thousands of businesses rely on yellow pages to make their phone ring. >> it's a multibillion a year per business. >> as we've been hearing, yes, we do. >> what part of the constitution would that be violation of? >> first amendment rights of speech. >> as for the white pages, they will still be delivered the younger and smaller brother of the yellow pages. now, as far as supervisor chew, he is having a news conference at 11:30. carolyn tyler is going to be there. she'll have the story for you tonight at 5:00 and 6:00.
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terry mcsweeney. >> in san francisco transportation officials are expected to vote today whether to provide special parking permits to child care providers. right now some nannies say they have to leave the kids alone in order to move their cars from two-hour parking zones. many san francisco residents pay $98 a year for an unlimited neighborhood parking permit but that privilege does not extend to nannies. the plan would only encourage more driving in the city. >> history unfolding right now in egypt. more than 2 million demonstrators have flooded cairo on this day of open defiance. they're trying to unseat their leader of 30 years. with the chaos there, they're trying to get american tourists out. >> eight days now and there are no sign protestors plan to slow down. right now it's tuesday night in egypt and so far all is peaceful. today the country saw its largest demonstration so far.
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the egyptian people remain committed to their message. they want egyptian president hosni mubarak gone. >> roads closed, trains stopped. internet and cellphone service shut down. despite the government's efforts to cut off all communication and transportation, millions of egyptians still found their way to the heart of cairo, many gathering in liberation square. the egyptian army did nothing to stop the people from filing in and violating a nationwide curfew. so far it's been peaceful with egyptians praying and hoping for change, hoping the president of the last 30 years egyptian president hosni mubarak will step down. >> stopping right now because of corruption, because of violence. >> i love this country and i love this place. and every morning i don't like to see other people that eat from the garbage. >> at the cairo airport, thousands trying to flee egypt. the state department ordered the evacuation of all non-emergency
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sufficient government personnel and their families. it's helping thousands of american tourists leave the country on chartered flights. >> saturday, sunday, monday we saw people looting, guns fired, people shooting other people. >> some though have chosen to say saying there's been no hostility towards americans. >> i've been caught in some tear gas, been bumped around a few times. but if anything the people here on the ground are very protective of foreigners. >> egyptian president hosni mubarak tried to appeals the people by swearing in a new cabinet yesterday but it did nothing to slow down the movement. >> two bay area companies have stepped in to help the egyptian people communicate since the internet has been shut down. google and twitter have teamed up service that allows people to send a tweet by calling an international number and leaving a voice mail message. we just received word that egyptian president hosni mubarak is going to address the nation tonight. we're going to continue to follow all the developments at
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egypt. we'll bring you the latest at 5:00 and 6:00. >> let the debate begin again over red lights. could send more red light cameras to an intersection near you. >> the massive snow and ice storm that's now expected to affect a quarter of all americans. imagine that. the problem it's crerererererere with my friends we'll do almost anything. out for drinks, eats. i have very well fitting dentures. i like to eat a lot of fruits. love them all. the seal i get with the super poligrip free keeps the seeds from getting up underneath. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. a lot of things going on in my life and the last thing i want to be thinking about is my dentures. [ charlie ] try super poligrip free.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> a muni bus crash this morning in san francisco backed up
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traffic for quite a while. about 9:00 this morning, that bus drifted into the intersection and then crashed into a light pole. one witness nearby says the bus was being repaired and the parking brake wasn't in place. that caused it to drift downhill. the bus was empty at the time and nobody was injured. >> a new study finds red light cameras are saving hundreds of lives. that study by insurance institute for highway safety says red light cameras have reduced the rate of fatal crashes by 24% in 14 large cities, including several in california. the study also found a drop in all fatal crashes in intersections with traffic signals, not just those caught by running red lights. >> people are more aware the law's enforced and that's why fear forced to stop. >> motorists don't like them. >> critics say there are cheaper alternates to cameras such as longer yellow lights or improving sight lines.
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>> the government opened an investigation into two types of nissan vehicles that can lead to the loss of steering. it covers about 400,000 vehicles including pathfinder from the 1996, 2004 year. the national highway traffic safety administration says it's received 35 reports of corrosion. fortunately there haven't been any crash or injury reports. >> a massive storm spanning one-third of the country is already impacting flights this morning. 4,000 flights have been cancelled. that's right. airports from texas to rhode island reported ice on runaways. shut down dallas fort worth for two hours. the chicago u.s. airlines halls delays of more than two hours after more than 3 inches of snow fell overnight and there are blizzard warnings in seven states. san francisco, oakland and san jose airports are all running on
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time this morning. >> and for up to the minutes information on flights and how security checkpoints are going at your airport, check out the flight tracker on the front page of our website >> and meteorologist lisa argen in for mike nicco. >> if you're taking a jog along the embarcadero, that may slow you down for the time being. but from our sutro cam, this is what you can expect the rest of the day, the rest of the week. what about the weekend? your forecast is next. >> remembering fitness pioneer jack lalanne. the students, teachers and sports coaches are honoring him this very hour. >> a trial 400 years later. a verdict is in on hamlet's insanity. ñ
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a throne for the tv...
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room for movies... your workout gear... non-stop football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave. who says we want them to? ♪ right now teachers, coaches and fitness experts across california are honoring fitness guru jack lalanne. lalanne died more than a week ago at the age of 96. this is video of him at john's grill recently. today's honor is being called a
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moment of movement. he said lalanne would prefer his fans remember him with exercise rather than a moment of silence. he had a show here on abc 7. he encouraged people to exercise every day and promoted weight training. his memorial service will be held at forest lawn memorial park this afternoon. >> nothing to get you moving like chilly weather. >> we have the fog but elsewhere sunny much of the morning. heading outside it looks -- we've got that fog squished at a calm hundred feet. this is the view from mount tam but sunshine in the north bay, dense fog earlier. san jose looking sunny and we will be warming up all across the bay area today. offshore winds blowing that fog off our coast. the school spot in napa at 48. you've had sunshine quite some time in santa rosa at 60.
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temperatures warming up even at our coasts. sunny and mild, the winds picking up over our east bay hills that's going to blow the fog off the coast but cooler air filtering in. subfreezing considers wednesday morning, thursday morning but we remain dry and mild throughout the afternoon. a wind advisory 4:00 tomorrow morning for the carquinez strait and delta. this is where the winds pick up 15 to 25 mph. gusts over 40 mph. biking, make sure you secure those loose objects if you are -- live in one of those higher elevation areas, oakland hills. if you're biking today, the winds have been gusting to 40 and 50 mph on mount diablo. at the surface we're looking at those winds sweeping off the -- the fog off the coast. they've been rather light. that's why we had the fog this morning. so building high pressure to our east and to our west. this high keeps the storm track well to our north. we're going to stay dry for the
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foreseeable future. looks like we are locked into this weather pattern. we're going to see less fog because of this strong area of high pressure. it's going to allow for the winds to keep us a little bit more mild tonight. with those winds slackin' off, we will see those cold nights and then we'll see temperatures rebound the next couple of days. so we are just getting going with this strong area of high pressure. in fact, we're going to see the numbers peak by the weekends. low to mid-60s in the south bay. on your way to a beautiful day. 65 campbell, low 60s redwood city. upper 60s today pacifica. san francisco most areas are sunny and downtown getting into the sunshine within the next half hour or so. 56 petaluma. near east bay you're enjoying a sunny start to your day with 62 san leandro. our inland valleys a little breezy at times, higher elevations 64 at pleasanton. by the monterey bay, looking good, 65 salinas.
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but if you want new snow, we have none of that in our seven-day outlook. a little breezy this afternoon and take a look at that 70s over the weekend. >> wow! >> that's what it is. big change of springtime in the winter. >> all right. guess what? the bart himself will be so proud. a notorious criminal case that waited 400 years to go to a jury finally had his day in court. >> in the matter of the crown versus prince hamlet. anthony kennedy presided over the murder trial of hamlet, the prince of denmark. it was a mock trial held yesterday at the university of southern california. in the shakespeare play, particular, hamlet fatally stabbed the king's advisor. they determined whether hamlet suffered from a mental diseases. jurors deliberated 20 minutes and ended in a hung jury with two finding him sane and two
11:24 am
finding him insane. >>
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>> today on oprah at 4:00, the vegan challenge. can you go without eating meat for a week. now learning a canal worker in the central valley found the body of a young child this morning in the canal. we're going to bring you the latest from the sheriff's news conference scheduled in the next half hour whether this discovery is connected to the giuliani cardnez kidnapping case. there is yet another delay in the independent safety tests of lead in children's products. what's the holdup this time. those stories and more later today at 5:00. >> talking about oprah's vegan
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challenge, we kind of have the fog challenge. >> we have a very shallow layer around the golden gate bridge. look at all that sun. it is beautiful but over the east bay hills some very windy conditions. winds up to 40 mph. the carquinez strait, the delta. that will keep us from getting too, too cold tonight but wednesday and thursday cold temperatures rebound nicely with mid to upper 60s over the week, 70s over the weekend. staying high and dry through early next week. guess we have to enjoy it while we do and more updates on that big storm in the northeast. >> lisa, thank you. >> a little left right there. thanks for joining us today on abc 7 news. >> "who want >> all new. oprah and 378 harpo staffers go vegan for one week. then -- oprah: lisa ling finds out -- where does our meat come from? wawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawa
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